Joy was subcontracted to a company in Denver, Colorado from the beginning of July until the end of September 2001. This was a good opportunity for me to discover more of the United States. Her company paid for a plane ticket for somebody to fly to Denver or for her to fly to Detroit every weekend. One time we drove her car to Denver so she could use her own car and didn't have to hassle with the rental. It was a 20-hour drive through mostly very boring landscape. We drove through Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska and of course Colorado. When we got to Nebraska we stopped at a hotel in Omaha for the night. The next day church people where passing out free coffee and cookies for the travelers at a rest area on Interstate 80 in Nebraska. Iím not sure if there was anything in the cookies but I felt a little funny after I had one. This was my first road trip in the States. Here is my tip for you: change drivers often so you donít get tired so fast. 

The other times I visited her in Denver we drove to the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Pikes Peak, Vail and Yellowstone National Park. 


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