New Zealand

New Zealand was my first “big” vacation. I had 10 days vacation left from the year before and I had to use them by the end of March. Traveling to New Zealand was strange, since I had never flown. One bike and 4 saddlebags had to be packed and checked in. It took 3 days until I reached my destination. The journey started in Frankfurt with a stop in Bangkok (10 hours transit), then Sydney and the final destination Auckland on the north island of New Zealand. The 2nd day I landed in Auckland around noon, loaded everything on my bike and cycled into town to the bus station. In the evening I took the over night bus towards the south to Wellington, New Zealand’s capitol. The next morning I took the ferry to Pikton on the south island. Finally at my destination I cycled towards the south. First through the country, then along the west coast down to Milford Sound. Due to lack of time I took the bus on my way back. It drove through the country, over Christchurch back to Pikton. The next morning I took the ferry back to Wellington. I spent 3 days sightseeing before the over night bus drove me back to Aukland where I catched my return flight to Germany.

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